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Free Antivirus: What are the 3 best for Windows!


An Antivirus system serves to provide protection against the invasion and devastation of viruses, trojans, spyware, worms, root kit, key logger and adwares.

If only one of these infestations occurs, you may expose important data from the hacked or perform acts with which your PC no longer works.

Soon below you can see the 3 best free antivirus systems, choose the best for you:


AVG Anti-Virus

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AVG, the free antivirus software, which was one of the first released on the Internet.

Importantly, in the release, being the first, the users were suspicious to use an antivirus for free, but the system turned out to be very good with the passing of time and currently with its evolution is simply a great antivirus.

In Addition to identifying viruses, AVG also recognizes spiwares in links, blogs, websites and emails. They Have instruments with various options for analysis and automatic renewal.

AVG was attested for the extraction of 100% of the malicious systems according to in-the-wild.

Avast! Free

Avast’s free format has been perfecting and improving its rate of findings over the years. The system is made for pest detection in a short period of time, covering emails, file sharers, instant Messaging, network, file opening, scanning and a suspicious acting blocker.

Its creation was initiated on 1988 and is regularly referred to on the network as the most installed and used on computers behind Norton antivirus,

Critical to Avast! Free: Scored ‘ ‘ average ‘ ‘ on PC Magazzine’s malware blocking test.

Microsoft Security Essentials

This Microsoft Protection system that was published in conjunction with Windows 7, got a lot of fame after testing by experts in the field, in which it achieved a great identification of viruses and other malicious systems, including rootkits, in which are the More difficult to detect and erase from the system.

The program has few signs of false positives, it is lightweight in its abilities and able to remove the existing malicious programs well.

MSE is a great alternative for lay individuals, because their area of information is simple and does not require much user interaction with the system to solve problems when something wrong is encountered.

Criticism of the MSE: The main harm disrespects the full analysis speed of the computer that is slower.

Also, try Norton antivirus, one of the best security systems today, try Norton!

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